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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Nature of the Wild

Explore The Nature of the Wild

...and find a side of you you didn't know existed for the very first time.

For those Gay Men and Straight alike, that like to Swim in the Nude, being wild is in their nature.

Whether you are in the wild, or want to be wild, try it if you haven't done it.


Join a gym where you can swim in the nude. The're out there. There's nothing like it. Ignore the fact that this specific gym may be a bath house. (Unless you don't want to ignore it! Don't ignore anything you don't want to.)

A Lunar Event

So much of our lives can be mapped by the stars, and moon. And...

For when there is a Moon...

I advocate for swimming by the light of the moon. Or, at least candle light. Yes, at least that.

It's amazing!

What could be more fun in the buff? And don't let anything come between you and those gentle rolling H2O molecules, as you swim sans-swimsuit, in a heated pool;

your own; or someone else's. Depending on who is inviting who. When times are tuff, you can do without.

Be surrounded by palm trees in an open-air pool. What could make one more tranquil? But don't take my word for it.

Just be!


Can you think of a nicer person to get acquainted with?

Join The Aqua-men of Texas.

Or, join someone you want to be with. Just be sure you are expected if you are going to swim in someone else's pool. There is nothing more akward then stumbling upon an un-expected guest. Even one who is well-loved.

Wear goggles in the water...and nothing else. Don't patronize a beach where you can't do that. In fact, don't patronize anyone, especially yourself. Is that any way to spend your precious time on this planet? Blue-green wasn't a fashion statement. You wouldn't catch a fish wearing a bathing suit. And if you did, you would throw it back. Wouldn't you? You weren't born in a three-piece suit. Re-introduce yourself to the water. Feel the currents that drive you forward. And listen to the silent symphony of the Universe.

Life's a Beach

I am thinking of Black's Beach near San Diego, CA, where the waves of the Pacific lapped the sandy shores of a vanishing type of freedom, at least in the U.S. What comes to mind is a volley ball game that beach-goers of both sexes were playing in the nude. This was several years back before the change in the Cahill Policy. Someone elses' values can strike like a truncheon if you let them. If you let them do it, that is. Perhaps freedom can be a value we share?

Just Be!

Be who you are. And if need be, kick the closet door on your way out!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Travel Website

Openly Gay Ptown Visit my Travel website about Cape Cod, which has some magnificent beaches.

The Freedom of Being You

Be imaginative in how you spend your free time. If well-spent, it can pay so many different kinds of dividends.

Enjoy your time away from the office, back in from the field, or when your shift has ended. You can finally give yourself a little "you-time."

You might even leave your cell-pone at home as you walk out the door.

You know you want try something daring. Try this freeing version of aqua-therapy. And how to go about doing this?

I suggest that you join a gym where you can swim in the nude. An outdoor pool would be best, especially if heated.

Even if the said gym is a bathhouse (and it often is) there's nothing like swimming sans-swim suit, especially towards the beginning of a new year, or, as the setting sun surrenders to the light of the moon.

Ignore the fact that this gym is a bathhouse (Unless you don't want to ignore it! Don't ignore anything you don't want to.)

Furthermore, I advocate for swimming by the light of the moon. Enjoy its many phases.

Although, the link I provide goes to a group of bathhouses that has no outdoor pool, there are those that do.

Don't let anything come between you and those gently rolling H2O molecules. In the case of a jacuzzi, they will be more agitated.

There is a reason the popularity of bathhouses dates back to antiquity. Discover it. Immerse yourself. Also, join Aquamen of Texas. What better way to be yourself!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Articles Regarding the Law

Read this article about a man in Virginia who was convicted of indecent exposure for being nude in his own home. This article is in Legal News.

The article about Erick Williamson is dated December 18, 2009.

Read this Back2Stonewall article.

You can be charged with indecent exposure, at least in Virginia, for being nude in your own home. How much of our freedom should be taken from us? Thankfully Erick Williamson is appealing this decision; fighting for the principle of it. He was naked, making coffee in his own home, and, was gawked at by trespassers.

Read about it in Back2Stonewall.

Male Skinner Dippers

Join my Yahoo Group: Male Skinny Dippers, for adult males everywhere who enjoy the freedom of swimming without a bathing suit. This manly tradition needs to be preserved. Join this social group if you enjoy going without the constraints of a bathing suit; beach, pool, wherever there is water and a lack of inhibitions you will find the male skinny dipper.

Friday, February 26, 2010

California Supreme Court

“The California Supreme Court on Thursday denied review of a 2008 lower court ruling upholding the right to cite nude beachgoers in Orange County.”

The Alliance Defense Fund keeps the readers informed about the ongoing culture war.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

San Diego Blacks Beach

On Friday, October 23, 2009, "The California Supreme Court has left standing a Fourth District Court of Appeal ruling rejecting a challenge to the state’s policy preventing nude sunbathing at a beach in San Diego County." A former state park policy that effectively allowed nude sunbathing as long as no one complained now remains revoked as a result of the California Supreme Court decision. The California State Department of Parks and Recreation in all likelihood will now begin (effective October) in a crack-down on nude sunbathers as the former Cahill policy is no longer in effect.

"Russell W. Cahill was the director of the department when, in 1979, he sent out an internal memorandum setting forth guidelines for enforcement of the anti-nudity regulation, California Code of Regulations Sec. 4322." (Link above to source) The Department, with respect to San Onofre State Beach, which included a section informally set aside for nudity along trail 6, will no longer follow the Cahill policy. The department cited population-growth as the reason. There were no public hearings. There was no input from the public solicited. "In 2008, the California Department of Parks and Recreation announced that anyone unclothed at any part of San Onofre State Beach would be issued a citation." -

The state spent over $40,00 to fight nudists. (link below)

"Recent retirements among those in the CA Parks management team responsible for San Onofre have brought replacements who are intolerant of clothing-optional recreation. Instead of encouraging and allowing the cooperation of naturists in policing illicit activity, Rich Haydon, the new manager who took over at the beginning of this month, has featured the nearby sexual activity in his reports, using it as an excuse to request permission to put an end to recreational nudity at the beach. Haydon has reportedly represented to his superiors that a majority of those who come to enjoy the clothing-optional beach are participants in illicit sex there." (Source link below)