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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sycamore Creek Directions

Post for anybody nude hiking at Sycamore Creek.

Sycamore Creek has several natural pools used for skinny-dipping. The area attracts mostly men and has a strong gay presence. Crowds can range from just a few or zero during the week to twenty on peak weekends. The creek gets peak use during spring and fall since it is iften dry in summer. Usually the little water left in the pools in summer is stagnant. Nude swimming and sunbathing are quite common here, but non-nudists sometimes show up too. The canyon is often cruisy. Be sure you take plenty of drinking water with you; it gets extremely hot there in the summer. Whatever you do....do NOT where sandals hiking in this area. It can be treacherous when boulder-hopping.

If any of the Phoenix guys want to comment on their Sycamore experiences for Gray....feel free. How is the water level in the creek and is it running! Still lots of snow up here in the high country.

The site is about an hour from Phoenix.

Naked hugs

Matt 'n Show Low

Group Moderator AZ White Mtns Mens Nude Hiking Group

Sycamore Creek covers a very large area and is a secluded area with the creek and this time of year it could be running quite fast and deep...you wont know til you get there. When I lived in Chandler, this is how I got there>>>

Take Arizona Ave which is SR 87 and gradually it turns into the Beeline Hwy. Head north on 87 until you pass mile marker 212. Anyway, you cross a low bridge and just past the bridge is a turnoff to the right. Take that, cross the creek -- the road is kind of rough. At the "T" or "Y", bear left and follow that back. The parking area is marked by an old, rusty water tank. I always go past the water tank and park.

From there, you've got to hike and it's tough to explain. Basically you get to the creek, cross it, head upstream a ways until you see a tree on a bank on the other side...that' s the path back to the naked area. You will be doing some big boulder hopping but keep your focus on the path and then you will eventually come to a huge mountain pool. You will have to cross it some how or another to the other side then you will see the path begin again...keep following the path. Im sure you will run across guys there if its on a weekend and they can assist you. Any of the guys that get this email from the Phoenix group could put an addendum on this if they so choose. Good luck.


  1. Are there any nude hike areas near Phoenix that aren't all populated by gay guys looking for action?

  2. This post is quite old. Are there any updates on this spot now that it's 2016??

  3. This post is quite old. Are there any updates on this spot now that it's 2016??

  4. was there couple of weeks ago, still hot not much water but was worth the trip